About Pastor Karl

Karl Haspil was born in New York City, New York,  in 1966.   He was raised in Queens, New York, by his parents who are of Haitian descent.  He experienced a new birth in Christ, as described by Jesus Himself, in the Gospel of John 3:1-18, on February 23 1993.  During the next few months after being born again, the Lord began to clearly show Karl through His word (specifically Jeremiah 1:1-10 and Psalm 32:1-8) that He was calling him to be a pastor.

In September 1993, the Holy Spirit led Karl to Calvary Chapel Miami, in Miami, Florida, where Pastor Razz Vazquez expositionally taught the Bible, book-by-book, chapter-by-chapter and verse-by-verse.  Thanks to Pastor Razz’ s fervent prayers and through his faithful discipleship, Karl began to walk in the Lord and His ways.  Over time, daily devotion to prayer, study of God’s word, consistent church attendance and service unto the Lord caused Karl to grow spiritually by leaps and bounds.  In June 2004, Karl was officially ordained as a minister by Calvary Chapel Miami.

In July 2007, after faithfully serving the Lord there for nearly 14 years, in various ministry positions ranging from usher to youth pastor, Pastor Karl responded to God’s call to take a difficult venture of faith and to step out of Calvary Chapel Miami to bring the love of Christ, through simple expositional bible teaching, to the spiritually thirsty in other parts of South Florida.

In August 2009, the Lord opened a door of opportunity for Pastor Karl to become the senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Doral, a small non-denominational church, located in Doral, Florida. 

Pastor Karl is married to his beautiful wife of 14 years, Zuany.   The Lord has blessed them with two wonderful children, a daughter named Nicole and a son named Nathaniel.

It is Pastor Karl’s sincere desire that you, not only experience a new birth in Jesus Christ but that you also continue to lead a life totally devoted to Him through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.